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  • Wednesday May 30, 2018

Aaron Davis

As a champion swimmer, Aaron Davis is no stranger to the competitive buzz of a live house auction. Harcourts Charlton’s high-energy auctioneer gets a real kick from acting as the referee during the auctioneering process. “People’s emotions run high during the bidding process, so it’s important to make sure to have fun with buyers and make sure everyone feels relaxed and at ease,” says Aaron.

Aaron bought into the family Harcourt’s business in Blenheim and sold real estate for seven years, building up his knowledge and earning his stripes in the industry. “Once I started seeing more and more auctions I thought ‘that looks like fun’ and the rest is history,” he says. A major part of Aaron’s job is to act as an independent voice from the agent, making sure he helps facilitate open negotiation and help keep the momentum of the auction going. "The fine art of auctioneering is almost making sure that you’re in the background, quietly working away behind the scenes,” says Aaron. Those skills, along with Aaron’s friendly, professional approach has made him a three-time National Harcourts auction champion, and a five-time NZ Auctioneer finalist. “I’ve seen every strategy in the book over the years but I think it’s really important to have a bit of fun, facilitate open negotiation and help the momentum of the auction,” he says.

Aaron puts in the hard yards before the bidding war begins, and has a personal interest in the properties, visiting ever single property before auction day. When he does find spare time Aaron’s competitive spirit is fuelled by playing a range of ball sports and swimming and cycling to work up a thirst before chilling with friends over a few beers.

Aaron’s Top 5 Tips for Auction Success:

“People never rise to the occasion, they fall to their level of training” – Aaron Davis

Be random: avoid bidding in predictable amounts by breaking the pattern. Remember you’re competing with other buyers, not the auctioneer.

Buy time: get started early on in the bidding to get comfortable. People under pressure tend to make panic decisions.

Think smart: people usually wait for the first, second, third and final call before they bid so try and double bid on top of yourself before the auctioneer does a trial close

Location, location, location: stand next to the auctioneer and look back at the bidders so you can see what’s happening.Don’t hide around a corner.

Call the shots: request for variations around deposits and settlement to make the terms of sale more workable for you.

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