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  • Wednesday July 4, 2018

Our Proven Tips To Increase Your Homes Value

Whether they be major or minor changes, there are so many things that can be done to increase the value of your home. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to sell their home for more than they brought it for? So here are our top tips to get you on the right path to increase value throughout your home.

Captured From The Curb
The outside presence of a home is equally as important as the inside, if not more. The more appealing your property looks from the street the more eager the buyers will be to get inside, so get the landscape of your home looking fresh and vibrant.

To Do - Make sure your lawn is freshly mowed and onsider planting colourful flowers and plants to catch the eye. Also, a brand-new fence could be a great feature to give that little bit of extra privacy.

Inviting Interior
You want to keep the interior of your home as modern as possible. When it comes to the kitchen and bathrooms, if these are out of date it could really affect the buyer’s impressions. 

To Do – Who doesn’t love a new kitchen & bathroom? Look into having these updated, otherwise if you don’t have the big budget you can reface instead of replace. Freshly paint the cupboards & cabinets, add in some new blinds/curtains or maybe consider new carpet or tiles. Swap out the plain looking lights in the kitchen & hang some stylish eye-catching ones instead. Also make sure your appliances are up to date & let’s not forget clean! Maybe invest in a new faucet or stove top to really project that new home feeling.



Fresh Coat of Paint
Adding a fresh coat of paint to not only the interior, but exterior of your home can add major value!
This will make your home appear clean and fresh from the moment the buyers pull up to your driveway.

To Do – Paint the interior and exterior walls with a colour that’s modern and timeless so it’s very low maintenance for the next owner that comes along.

Open Up To Entertain
Because everyone knows us Kiwi’s love open plan living so we can entertain our guests while we cook for them in the kitchen.

To Do- If there are walls that can be knocked down to add more light and space into the interior of your home then get working! The more space and the larger the room feels the better. You can also add a big deck to help the open plan flow to the exterior and create an amazing entertaining area. Space is a huge asset when it comes to potential buyers, so let’s give them a space for entertaining they won't forget.

After following these steps do you want to know how much your home is worth? Then call one of our Harcourts Charlton Realty Offices for a free market appraisal!

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