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Activities For You & Your Family These School Holidays


There’s nothing like keeping the kids occupied these school holidays to avoid the phrase “I’m Bored”. Why not be the cool parents and line up a few great activities for you and your family this winter break? Here are our top 5!

Homemade Pizza & Movie Night
The way to a Kids heart is through their stomach. You don’t have to break the bank to keep the kids occupied these holidays. It can be as easy as this, take a trip down to the supermarket, grab a few pizza bases and toppings, head home and let them design their own signature pizza! Once ready, put on a family movie and enjoy the relaxation.

Ice Skating
Let the little ones have fun while you sit on the side line and enjoy a nice hot beverage. Find your nearest ice rink and watch the kids burn some energy on the ice.


Day Trip!
Is there somewhere within driving distance you’ve always wanted to visit but never got around to? Why not make a day of it! Prepare some food in a chilly bag the night before in case family members get peckish on the way there, park up somewhere nice and make some new family memories.

Zap to the Zoo
A lot of kids have great interest in animals, so why not take them along to the nearest zoo and let them admire the great species of our world. Grab your camera and take a few snaps to get them really involved, they’ll love it.

Why not take a little Break?
Everyone needs a little time to themselves every so often? This is the best activity for you these holidays! Why not book your kids in with the grandparents or sitter for a day and really have some time to yourself, sit down, relax, have a wine, do nothing. Remember, it’s doesn’t have to be all about the kids, make sure you enjoy yourself just as much this break!

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