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Bring Those Bills Down

  • Tuesday July 24, 2018

Easy Ways To Save Money On Electricity & Water


Is your monthly electricity bill looking a little steep lately? Then do we have the tips for you! Although it can be hard with the children taking 20-minute showers and leaving the lights on in rooms around the house that aren’t being used... here are out top tips on bringing those bills down.


Use the Barbecue

Why not use the Barbecue every so often to cook your family meals? This can take significant amount off that monthly electricity bill. I know what you’re thinking… we’re still using gas. However, research shows that using the gas barbecue still works out to be cheaper than using ranges and ovens, so why not give it a go!

Keep the Lid on the Pots

This is such an easy trick to saving electricity! When cooking on the stove top keep the lid on to keep the heat In. This means your pot will heat up faster which saves you time and money... what more could you want.

Washing Machine

There are so many ways you can reduce your power and water bill through the way you do your washing. First things first, make sure you are doing a full load of washing! This saves you using your washing machine more than you need to. A cold wash also saves a significant amount of dollars so make sure this is set. Only have a few items of lightweight clothing that need washing? Hand wash! The list goes on.

Clothes Dryer

If you’re trying to reduce your power bill we recommend you don’t use the dryer at all and hand dry as much as possible! However, on the rare occasion, if this needs to be used we have the ways to save. Firstly, make sure your dryer is not overloaded. Research shows, placing a dry towel in the dryer along with your washing helps your clothes dry quicker, so try this out.


It’s an obvious, but important tip. Nothing wastes electricity as much as those ceiling lights that are left on all day and forgotten about, so make sure these are off during the day. For night time, if you want to save that little bit extra on lighting, why not switch to more table and floor lamps, or go the extra mile and use candles!

There are so many easy ways to save money throughout your home on electricity and water, what are your tips? We would love to hear them! Email us below.

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